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This software package was developed to supply a multi-platform GRIB C-language (FORTRAN callable) decoding package compatible to some extent with ECMWF GRIBEX routine.

The kernel of the package was originally written by M.Mazzola and M.Bider at PICOdata s.r.l. Milano, Italy and included:

This kernel was then revised and integrated (1999-2004) by Davide Cesari and Paolo Patruno at ARPA SMR Bologna, Italy. Revision resulted in many bug fixes and in the expansion of the decoding capabilities of section 1 and 2 in GRIB messages. Integration resulted in the development of module PBUTILS, emulating ECMWF PBIO utilities, which handle GRIB message file I/O.

Picogrib 1.1 and following versions are released under GPL (Generic Public License) by ARPA-SIMC (see file licenza.txt for license terms; license.txt is the original GNU license from which it derives).


Picogrib version 2.6 has been released; this version has a GNU-autotools build system that makes it much easier to build. It has also a more flexible partgrib command-line tool.


This package is superseded by other more up-to-date software packages, it is maintained only as a dependency of Grib2v5d. Bugfixes and new versions will be made only if really necessary.


Massimo Bider, Paolo Patruno, Davide Cesari, ARPA-SIMC, Viale Silvani 6, 40122 Bologna, Italy
e-mail: mbider <at> users <dot> sf <dot> net
pat1 <at> users <dot> sf <dot> net
cesari <at> users <dot> sf <dot> net